livestream your event

1. Connect Like Never Before. Adapting livestreaming at your event shows your audience that you are human and bring in twice the traffic. It can also assist in reaching your target audience and making them more aware of your brand.

2. Increased Revenue. Offer the Livestream of  your event to sponsor websites or industry portals to increase their willingness to support by giving them exclusive coverage for their clients... Or you can even add a commercial or promo withing your stream.

3. Archive your event. Livestreaming and archiving your event makes it available to watch over and over, whether for personal use or to fix a few things. 

4. Increase Social Reach. You will connect with a broader audience and you will grab the attention of journalist and PR agencies not just in your city but all over. Making promo for your event much easier. 

5. Add Value. Live streaming also adds value by making it exclusive. If someone were to record your live event and then upload it themselves, the value would plummet as everyone would already have access to it. By live streaming your events it guarantees that your viewers will be seeing it from you first

Wondering the best parts of your event to live stream? Here is a few; Keynotes, Q&A's, Influencer Video Blogging (Vlogging), Special Annoucements, Behind the Scenes, or simply an online event period. There a several platforms that can be used for line streaming, each having their own benefits depending on what youre looking for. 

Contact us today and allow our team to assist in making sure your event is perfect for your next livestream.... And yes, we can assist with that as well!