A full-time job may be enough to get you by financially, but sometimes we need to pursue our own passion projects: in comes your side hustle. You’re getting some experience and working on something you love, so what could go wrong? 
With a few basics to help you out, you won’t have to worry about your sanity getting lost in the shuffle.

1. Create Home Office Hours
I block out certain hours after work in my calendar for the week, and give my clients the total before the weekend so that they know exactly how much time I’m able to devote to their projects. The more you keep a client in the loop, the less emails and calls they’ll send your way, trust me. It's important for you to know the amount of time you have to block off.

2. Do Not Overbook Yourself
You just worked a 40 hour week and a client has a big event this weekend that keeps you up tip 1am every night. You think its normal because your "working", but it is very unhealthy to you and your career. Its called BURNOUT and its the last thing you want when trying to make your side hustle work. Do not let your love for something fade because you’ve been over working yourself.

3. Know Your End Game
Working two jobs is only sustainable in the short term. Have an action plan with a clear outcome in place. Is your goal to eventually turn your after-hours work into full-time income? What numbers either financial or in terms of clients/projects do you need to hit to make that realistic. If you plan on staying full-time and only taking on extra projects when you feel like it – how can you best support yourself during the busy times – and take advantage of project-free months. Having a clear vision and outcome will help you keep your bearings when the going gets tough.


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