produce an event with tag team entertainment


Tag Team Entertainment is a full service entertainment company, specializing in event production/design and creative direction. We have became leaders in helping take brands and businesses to the next level through event production, strategy and design whether physical or digital.

So what does it take to have #TagTeamHouston produce your next event? We've composed a list that we feel every client should have in mind before contacting us to plan their next production.

1. Have a message.. A reason. The top reason most businesses or brands plan events is to relay a message or make an announcement. Know the why, and leave it to us to communicate this to your audience.

2. Be willing to lose your control... Just a tad. We're not a full service production company for nothing. If you’re willing to give us some latitude, we will deliver a fresh take on an event you may not even have considered. From camera angles to a speaker introduction to audience involvement, as your creative event partner, we have an inside scoop on the latest trends and tech, plus the unique perspectives to make the best use of everyones expertise on the team. So have an open and trusting mind when hiring us on.

3. Know your cost structure... Yes your budget. Transparency about the amount of money you have aside for your production is the foundation for us to understand what you can and can not do. We work with all of our clients to get the best pricing for their vision, no matter what. So, be realistic and realize that you will spend money when putting on an event for your business or brand... But the end result will be worth while!

4. Familiarize yourself with our brand and assure that it aligns with yours... In every way. We have created a style and innovative approach to the work we do, while focusing and capturing strategic marketing and branding opportunities for your businesses and brands in the process. We hold high value to any work we do, with all of our clients. We expect for our clients to do the same with their brands, this ensures that the overall goal stays consistent till the end.

So if you own a business or brand and can agree with the four points above, its safe to say you are ready for Tag Team Entertainment to take you to the next level with your next production. Click below and lets get started.