Budgeting With Marketing

While the marketing industry is filled with strategies and ideas, it’s easy to get flustered by all the things you “should” be doing to help your company grow. Ultimately, it all comes down to planning and budget. You dont have to spend thousands of dollars in todays world to have an effective marketing strategy and campaign.
In this new era, the top marketing passages are right at your fingertips and most of them are FREE. We've created a list below of each, along with how you can effeciently market through them for your event, brand or business. 

  • Branding- This includes everything from your business cards, letter heads, email templates and more. And now a days, you can find a website or group of creatives (like Tag Team) to create these things for you at a reasonable and affordable price. Dont overspend on these things, but do your due diligence and research to find someone who can do this for you and to your liking at a reasonable budget.

  • Websites- You have to have a website! Whether an event, brand or business, at some point doing startup, invest in a website, even if its a landing page. There are do it yourself websites like word press and squarespace that work easily and cost as low as $5 a month. 

  • Social Media- Its the most proactive and inexpensive marketing you will ever come across. Find the platform that matches your brand and clients, and make sure you're involved. Dont have the time? Hire an intern or college student to handle it for you. 

  • Advertsing- Word of mouth. Most people think of advertsing as paid ads and features. But with social media being at the top of our marketing passages, tell your friends. Especially those who are influencers or own businesses with a massive following. Cross promotions are always great!

  • Events- Now this doesnt mean you have to throw an event. But until you can, show up and network at other peoples. Cross market with another brand that has the same target audience. Sites like eventbrite are perfect for finding events that match what youre looking for. 

Tag Team Entertainment does more than just produce exclusive events for brands and businesses, but we sit with clients and strategize the best marketing, branding and events types to meet your overall goal. We do this while staying within a budget that best fits yours. Contact us today and lets get started. 


Projection Mapping, simply put, is using technology to project objects onto a surface. The projections can be as simple as indoor stage effects or as complex as images onto buildings and industrial landscapes. The purpose of projection mapping in events is to stay away from flat screen projecting. The idea is to gear technology towards more lighting onto varying surface types and creating common objects or logos into interactive, 3D displays. 
There is an abundance of inspiration available for projection mapping with events. You could start as small as a logo moving along the walls to a large wall-size display taking guest through an experience. Additionally, projection mapping videos can be interactive. Think about games, mind puzzles, and real-life demos. The opportunities are as great as your imagination! 
Projection mapping can e quite costly and quite cheap, depending on what you want vs what you need. If you decide to incorporate projection mapping, you will be replacing a lot of the physical props and décor at your event with images. This could reduce the costs of storage, transportation, setup and ultimately, the cost of the props themselves. This could allow more space in the budget for the projection mapping replacements and other necessary things you may need, in example, branding!
Tag Team has recently introduced custom gobos into our shop for branding your event. Contact us today and allow us to design your production to the best of your imagination. 


Custom Event Branding Products From Tag Team Entertainment



If you've ever held or produced an event, Im sure you can easily say, at some point, branding was not on the priority list. I'm actually a statstic of this mishap myself, and it wasn’t with my clients events, it was my own! But had I not made this slight mistake (a few times), I don’t think I would understand and appreciate the impact it has on not only your guest experience, but on your entire business.

Most people believe that placing a logo on a step and repeat is effective branding, but is this really the most strategic approach in creating massive awareness for your business and making sure everyone remembers it was your company that put on such an amazing production? Your branding should begin right when you decide you want to hold or produce your next event. Whether the goal be to launch a new product, introduce a new artist or educate businesses on a new strategy, ensuring that the message isn’t forgotten along the way will prevent the core message from being lost or diluted.

Again, your branding begins as soon as you make your event known to the public. Your marketing campaign, promo, ads, invites, tickets etc all can assist when getting your vision or goal across to guest, building the hype and anticipation to the big day. Branding can be done with so many things; a tagline, hashtag, company logo, video, photo etc, as long as it is strategiacally thought out to benefit your overall goal.

On your big day, you can carry this branding tactic into all elements of your event; the deisgn, displays, gobos/lighting, décor, promo products, balloons… I mean I could go on. If this is done strategically and correctly, someone not on the invite list should be able to see a single photo from your event and know exactly where you are! Im sure that’s been you at some point, sitting at home, browsing IG and seeing those same Hennessey balloons in every picture or company logo lighting up the wall in the background.

So whether you are a business or brand, start up or already in business, don't waste months of planning only for no one to remember the next day. TTE team can work with you to create the most strategic approach to your next production. 

livestream your event

1. Connect Like Never Before. Adapting livestreaming at your event shows your audience that you are human and bring in twice the traffic. It can also assist in reaching your target audience and making them more aware of your brand.

2. Increased Revenue. Offer the Livestream of  your event to sponsor websites or industry portals to increase their willingness to support by giving them exclusive coverage for their clients... Or you can even add a commercial or promo withing your stream.

3. Archive your event. Livestreaming and archiving your event makes it available to watch over and over, whether for personal use or to fix a few things. 

4. Increase Social Reach. You will connect with a broader audience and you will grab the attention of journalist and PR agencies not just in your city but all over. Making promo for your event much easier. 

5. Add Value. Live streaming also adds value by making it exclusive. If someone were to record your live event and then upload it themselves, the value would plummet as everyone would already have access to it. By live streaming your events it guarantees that your viewers will be seeing it from you first

Wondering the best parts of your event to live stream? Here is a few; Keynotes, Q&A's, Influencer Video Blogging (Vlogging), Special Annoucements, Behind the Scenes, or simply an online event period. There a several platforms that can be used for line streaming, each having their own benefits depending on what youre looking for. 

Contact us today and allow our team to assist in making sure your event is perfect for your next livestream.... And yes, we can assist with that as well! 



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ftentimes the only time we think about a proposal is when we need to pay for something or need something paid for. But in today's business world, that is not the case.

Maybe you're trying to obtain a big company to sponsor your brand or business. Or you're looking to hold an event at that new exclusive venue downtown. You meet with the head guys, explain what you need from them and explain your plan. Yes, sometimes that is all you need, but most of the time its just not enough. 

Maybe they didn't know who you were or felt like it just wasn't something they were interested in, and this is where a proposal can close in those gaps. 

When working with our clients we like to offer the best deal and benefits to make their businesses or brand successful. Sometimes this includes working with other businesses and brands, holding events, launching joint marketing campaigns and more. And we can honestly say, when looking to get something from someone these days, its much easier if they are getting something in return. Whether it be promo or VIP access, it makes them feel respected and like you are doing real business. 

So always do your research when you are looking to obtain these things. Find out how you can help the company, allow them to see, smell and taste your flavor through your proposal and sell it all while getting what you want!

Need help writing or want to build your business, shoot us am email.

-Tag Team




 Inspired by the passing of 3 people, now considered angels, close to Burner, the event will be themed accordingly. One of the losses was Burner’s father, business guru, Erwin Portis. The other 2 angels are in representation of two sisters whom Burner had known since childhood, Briana and Jade, who were killed in a car crash in March 2016. Burner plans to honor their home-going during the viewing.

Through his resilience, Burner, age 17, has transformed his grief into a fashion collection that his audience will love. The overall Jimmy Burner line also known as Jimmy’s Closet, features style for both men and women ranging from urban wear to luxury selections. Burner plans to wow his audience in Spring 2017 with a collection to remember.

Burner has already gained press attention by being featured in the Huffington Post as well as other fashion blogs. Style influencers such as Coco & Breezy and Brooklyn Beckham have also cosigned Burner’s vision as credible and inspiring.


Stay tuned to our blog later this month for pictures and a review of Burner's private viewing later this month. 


- Tag Team



Re-Branded and re-launched in the beginning of 2016, Tag Team Entertainment is back with a whole lot more to offer. We consistently receive emails and messages on social media from clients inquiring about all sorts of things. While most of the time, it is a service we offer, we decided to take the time out and explain exactly what Tag Team Entertainment does.

If you read our About Us page, then you're familiar with the basics... We are a full service entertainment company, inclusive of event production and design, marketing, publicity and account management. So the next question is, how does this all work together. And the answer is, it does, or it doesn't have to. Here at TTE we like to perfect every detail of each client or event we take on. So whether you are a new business looking to brand and market yourself for that perfect launch or an established business ready to create your first networking event but in need of production and promo, we have it all, and in house! It's literally a one stop shop, and if we don't have it (even though I'm sure we do), we'll find it for you. 

Our goal in the end is to make sure you dont fall short on anything in the process. With a customized team just for you, we make sure everything is legit and your customers or clients experience your brand in a classic and well put together way. 



When it's time to show your new brand or business to the world for the first time, you have no choice but to make sure its perfect. I mean, its what will set the tone for your brand. 

Here technical and creative elements were used to create an atmosphere and experience for this children's boutique grand opening. With over a thousand multi color balloons covering the ceiling, to the life size mannequins dressed in the boutiques merch. Expectations were definitely fulfilled of the parent and the kids in attendance. 

Because TTE is a full service entertainment company, everything is provided in house, and I mean everything. 

Contact us today! 


You could be an artist, designer, business owner, corporate brand or social influencer, either way it may be time for some much needed attention. 

Check out a list our consulting team placed together with their top 5 event types for any business and/or brand. Once you've done that, pick two, contact us and let us see which will help you drive sales, build brand awareness and give guest a good time. Click Here!


This past weekend, print and runway model and runway director of The Project Fashion Show, J Mulan, hosted her first annual model bootcamp.

With registration being sold out within one day, the camp provided free one on one training for over 40 aspiring models. Each student was provided the opportunity to partner with one of many print and runway models Mulan had in attendance. 

Not only were these models given pointers for the runway and off, Mulan gave each student the opportunity to be featured models for Define Chic Boutique and The Project Fashion Show. 

Above are models Jordan S. @jshep23 and Jodi Ann @jmarie_zion, who were both chosen to be apart of TPFS Winter 16'. Major.. because you know we are picky on the models. Can't wait to work with you guys!

-TPFS Team



Done right, event branding has the power to bring your brand or businesses to a new level. We like to say that combining a strategic approach with a creative perspective, will help you experience the full effect of event branding. Powerful deisgn alone will not guarantee a successful or memorable production, cohesion is crucial.

No brand or business can afford to under estimate the importance of a thouroughly planned event. From pre planning like campaigns to build excitement and maximize awareness to the big day and offering your guest a cohesive and constructive experience through your brand. So no matter the size of your company or business, guest should remember you and talk about you, ALWAYS. 

There are hundreds of ways you can promote your business through event branding materials. TTE has the best team of branding specialist to help you find your solution.

Below are some basic event branding examples we compiled for you!



A full-time job may be enough to get you by financially, but sometimes we need to pursue our own passion projects: in comes your side hustle. You’re getting some experience and working on something you love, so what could go wrong? 
With a few basics to help you out, you won’t have to worry about your sanity getting lost in the shuffle.

1. Create Home Office Hours
I block out certain hours after work in my calendar for the week, and give my clients the total before the weekend so that they know exactly how much time I’m able to devote to their projects. The more you keep a client in the loop, the less emails and calls they’ll send your way, trust me. It's important for you to know the amount of time you have to block off.

2. Do Not Overbook Yourself
You just worked a 40 hour week and a client has a big event this weekend that keeps you up tip 1am every night. You think its normal because your "working", but it is very unhealthy to you and your career. Its called BURNOUT and its the last thing you want when trying to make your side hustle work. Do not let your love for something fade because you’ve been over working yourself.

3. Know Your End Game
Working two jobs is only sustainable in the short term. Have an action plan with a clear outcome in place. Is your goal to eventually turn your after-hours work into full-time income? What numbers either financial or in terms of clients/projects do you need to hit to make that realistic. If you plan on staying full-time and only taking on extra projects when you feel like it – how can you best support yourself during the busy times – and take advantage of project-free months. Having a clear vision and outcome will help you keep your bearings when the going gets tough.


Planning an event... This is probably when TTE can help. Contact us HERE!

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