What is creative direction? The question everyone would love to know. Creatives (what we call the masters behind all this, also known as creative directors)  are responsible for making you stretch for one product over another, they’re the reason you stay on a website for longer than the average 3 seconds. Creative Direction helps clients or browsers remember your businesses, and give them that little nudge to go and engage. Our job is to turn clients into loyal customers.
We do this by combining branding, strategy, marketing and advertising to solve problems and create something that you will love.


Strategy Planning
-Marketing Strategy + Plan Development
-Launch Strategy
-Filing Strategy

-Logo Design
-Branding Guidelines
-Website Design

Online Marketing
-Email Marketing
-SEO (trusted partner)
-Social Media Marketing

Other Services
-Custom Graphics
-Design For Print
(stationery, brochures, banners, magazines, annual reports, product packaging)


Why do you need creative direction?

1. Because good design is good business. You can’t build a beautiful house without strong foundations, and you can’t build a successful business without a strong brand. This is something only experienced and talented creative professionals (like us) can give you, not your friends cousin who recently bought a copy of Adobe– tools don’t make a designer.
2. Return on investment. When you create your business to stand out more than those in your market, it not only builds value and makes you look legit... But the return on investment gained will make it far more profitable then your not so branded and less expensive competitors.
3. Consistency is key. Creatives possess all the skills and services required so that your brand is kept consistent across all areas of your business. This means your business will always be dealt with by the same designers who know your brand almost as well as you do.

Now that you understand creative direction, let TTE create a custom package for your business needs. Click below.