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Leaders in building brands through events, strategy and design.
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We are a full service creative marketing agency specializing in events, strategy and design to help build brands and businesses, whether in person or online.

Since 2013, we have created a style and innovative approach to the work we do through our close attention to detail and strategically placed together experiences by our creative team. More than anything, we love expanding brands, solving problems and creating experiences for the people and companies that believe in us and vice versa. We strongly believe in straight talking and building long lasting relationships… and brands.
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Our Projects

We Care About

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& Talent

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Tag Team Entertainment will be working with you professionally and directly, pre and post project. Every client has a direct person of contact to communicate with, giving you the ease of knowing you can reach us directly at any time, and we promise to always be clear and to the point.
Tag Team Entertainment prides itself in offering agency-level services and leveraging agency-level resources. The TTE team is inclusive of professionals from all backgrounds allowing us to align and assemble the perfect team in accordance with the client’s needs and priorities.
By nature of Tag Team Entertainments business focus, each project is executed with a foundation and story in mind. TTE is creating a network with our allies and trusted, preferred partners.

Clients and Partners

The brands we collaborate and share with. 
We consider every collab beneficial for all parties.
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